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Horses – Colours, Types, they come in all sizes, colours and shapes.

Horses like people, can be found all over the world. Interestingly they also come in all sizes, shapes, colours, breeds, abilities, natures, etc; much like us.  Here are photos of all sorts of horses.                                                                                   […]

Horses are Man’s Best Friend.

Horse have been used my humans for work and/or pleasure for years.  Here are some photos of horses working with/for humans and playing/leisure with humans. How many can you recognise and name? I’ll give my best guesses on what they are doing and what breed they might be. It will only be a guess though as some breeds look very alike.             Horses are very versatile and intelligent and humans […]

English Riding Saddle & Western Riding Saddle

There are many types of saddles, as there are many types of horses.  I’ve listed 2 here for you to look at. There are many more available to see on the internet.  The English saddle was the type that I used as a child and as an adult.  A friend of mine used a western saddle, both a very comfortable to ride in, but require different riding styles.       Horse being ridden using […]

A Pony Called Handy – Revised – Going To My First Writers Conference.

  So here it is – Straight from the horses mouth. As the heading suggests I’ve decided to re-write my first book in the series that I am doing.  Being my first book I learned a lot along the way.  I also listened to the feedback I received and believed I could do much better with it. So, I’ve been busy writing, editing, re-writing, editing, getting people to read the manuscript, listening, learning, re-writing…etc. Twelve […]