Horses are Man’s Best Friend.

Horse have been used my humans for work and/or pleasure for years.  Here are some photos of horses working with/for humans and playing/leisure with humans. How many can you recognise and name? I’ll give my best guesses on what they are doing and what breed they might be. It will only be a guess though as some breeds look very alike.


Police Horse. Possible a warmblood thoroughbred.


Police Horses. Mixed breeds.




Tennessee Walking Horse. Known for unique gait. (stride)


Riding side-saddle.



The “other side” of side saddle.images-58 Side saddle in dressage.



Andalusian or Lipizzaner. Gracefully and strong. Advanced dressage moves.



Endurance riding. Not sure of the breed. Usually Anglo-Arabs are good at this sport.


Show riding – Dressage – Possible a thoroughbred or Arab cross.



Stunt riding.

Horses are very versatile and intelligent and humans have admired their beauty, grace and spirit and enjoyed working with them. Hopefully most people treat horses well, but with all things that is not always so.  Be sure that if you have or get a horse that you do look at it as “Man’s Best Friend,” for they are incredible animals to work with and very easy to fall in love with.  Working with them is both rewarding and uplifting.  I know I have always enjoyed their company. They are great listeners when you have troubles you want to talk over with someone, try talking to your horse, he won’t answer back!