Great Reading: Horse Humour; Straight From The Horses Mouth! On Amazon.

Horse Humour-Straight From the Horses Mouth

Horse Humour-Straight From the Horses Mouth

This is my latest book release! Horse Humour. Straight from the horses mouth! 12 chapters of stories told from your horses viewpoint on how to train a novice rider. Lots of giggles here as the horse explains how to “play games” with humans as a form of entertainment for them and learning for you!

A not so serious approach to the many things required to learn about being around horses. Told from the horses viewpoint. I trust you find this book “entertaining.”

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This is the photo I used for the cover. Such a funny little mare. She is a gem! Belongs to a friend of mine. She was definitely laughing at me that day. I had been “playing” with her for ages trying to get some different photos. She knew exactly what I was up to and was the perfect “model.” It’s easy to see how hours can just fly by when you are with a horse. They are so much fun!

Click on the link to have a look at the finished cover and preview the book.

Hope you enjoy a good giggle.  It’s meant to be funny!

WARNING: Do NOT read this book to your pony.  It may give him ideas that he hasn’t thought about yet!  Happy giggling.


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