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The Gymkhana – New Book Release!

Available now as an ebook and a softcover from Amazon.  The latest book in A Pony Called Handy series titled: The Gymkhana. Anna and her friends have lots of fun and adventure in this new book in the series. Click on the link to see the preview! h  

Horses are Man’s Best Friend.

Horse have been used my humans for work and/or pleasure for years.  Here are some photos of horses working with/for humans and playing/leisure with humans. How many can you recognise and name? I’ll give my best guesses on what they are doing and what breed they might be. It will only be a guess though as some breeds look very alike.             Horses are very versatile and intelligent and humans […]

Living Legends Retirement for Champion Racehorses.

I recently visited the Living Legends Farm on the outskirts of Melbourne. It’s a wonderful place where some lucky champion racehorses get to retire to. They are very well cared for and still get to interact with the public (those that are sociable do). The public is encouraged to feed them carrot pieces, so for some people it might be the first time they actually get to interact up close and personal with a truly […]