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Horses – Colours, Types, they come in all sizes, colours and shapes.

Horses like people, can be found all over the world. Interestingly they also come in all sizes, shapes, colours, breeds, abilities, natures, etc; much like us.  Here are photos of all sorts of horses.                                                                                   […]

Living Legends Retirement for Champion Racehorses.

I recently visited the Living Legends Farm on the outskirts of Melbourne. It’s a wonderful place where some lucky champion racehorses get to retire to. They are very well cared for and still get to interact with the public (those that are sociable do). The public is encouraged to feed them carrot pieces, so for some people it might be the first time they actually get to interact up close and personal with a truly […]

Horses For Work

Before tractors came along Clydesdale horses were used to pull machinery to plough the fields and sow the crops.   Clydesdales are very large horses any very strong. They are usually know for their gentle temperament, and are often called “gentle giants”. The have long hair on their legs and long manes and tails. They come in assorted colours, and often have beautiful patterns in their coats.   The Mounted Police have used horses for […]

Ponies and Horses

There are many types of ponies and horses. Equally they, like people all have different personalities. They come in all shapes and sizes, as well as different colours and coat types. Below are some photos of ponies and horses of different types and colours, just to show you how very different they can be, just like people. The horse that is featured is a crossbred which is often done to produce a certain type of […]