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The Gymkhana

Book 2 in the series, A Pony Called Handy

It’s here and available on Amazon. NOW!!!   The latest book in the series: A Pony Called Handy is titled: The Gymkhana. Thanks to my editor Therese Evans, my cover illustrator Jacky Cousins and Gary Dickinson for helping me get it up and running on Amazon! Couldn’t have done this without these talented people. Anna and her friends have lots of fun and adventure in this book. Click on the link above to preview!

A Pony Called Handy – Available NOW!

 A Pony Called Handy. On her 10th birthday Anna gets the surprise of her life. All her dreams come true as a pony steps from the float into her yard.  It’s love at first sight as she instantly falls in love with him. She can’t wait for school on Monday to tell all her friends. She and her friends have been riding borrowed ponies for some time and all dream of one day owning their […]