All I Want for Christmas is a Pony.

Yes, from the day I first began speaking (my mother tells me my first word was “horse” not “mum”) I wanted a pony so badly. My parents couldn’t drive anywhere in the car with me as  a small child and drive past a paddock with a horse in it. If I saw it, then it was “horse, horse, horse, I wanna pat the horse,” coming from the back seat.  Dad, softie as always would pull up if the horse was close to the road side of the fence.  He would pick me up and take me over to the fence to pat the horse, providing of course it obliged and came over to us. Mostly they did. Then he could put me back in the car and peace would rein. I would spend the rest of the trip smiling whilst looking out the window…..for more horses!  Obsessive? You think?  I don’t know how my parent’s survived!  Oh wait, yes I do, they buckled and brought me a pony when I was about 9. His name was…..yep you guessed it….HANDY!

So my book A Pony Called Handy (Revised) will be coming soon. It’s at the editor’s as we speak. Fingers crossed it is nearly ready to “rock’n’roll”.

In the meantime I thought you might like this little photo.