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The Gymkhana – New Book Release!

Available now as an ebook and a softcover from Amazon.  The latest book in A Pony Called Handy series titled: The Gymkhana. Anna and her friends have lots of fun and adventure in this new book in the series. Click on the link to see the preview! h  

Great Reading: Horse Humour; Straight From The Horses Mouth! On Amazon. This is my latest book release! Horse Humour. Straight from the horses mouth! 12 chapters of stories told from your horses viewpoint on how to train a novice rider. Lots of giggles here as the horse explains how to “play games” with humans as a form of entertainment for them and learning for you! A not so serious approach to the many things required to learn about being around horses. Told from the horses […]

A Pony Called Handy

First book in the series: A Pony Called Handy, is available now for purchase on Amazon as a soft cover or ebook. Click the link below to preview and buy. Yes!!!!!!  So excited!!!! All pretty, and ready for sale.   Won’t be long now folks and Handy will be galloping into your hands!!! Enjoy your reading.  

All I Want for Christmas is a Pony.

Yes, from the day I first began speaking (my mother tells me my first word was “horse” not “mum”) I wanted a pony so badly. My parents couldn’t drive anywhere in the car with me as  a small child and drive past a paddock with a horse in it. If I saw it, then it was “horse, horse, horse, I wanna pat the horse,” coming from the back seat.  Dad, softie as always would pull […]

The Author

Cindy Schulz

Born and raised in the small town of Tocumwal in NSW, Cindy is the oldest of three. Being the only girl and crazy about horses, her parents brought her a pony, which she called Handy. As she grew up she turned to thoroughbreds and show riding. Then progressed to being a strapper/jockey in a racing stable, becoming one of Australia’s first female jockeys. Her career was short due to a training injury, but she had 3 rides for 3 wins. She never lost her love of horses after the accident and kept riding in a leisurely manner for a few…

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